Cello Series At The Charles Bar

Introducing our house made Cello Series in The Charles Bar, with monthly rotating flavours, our Bar Manager Colin Tam isn’t just sticking to the well-known limoncello – think Honeydew, Mango & more!  

Hailing from Southern Italy originally, this vibrant liqueur, is hand crafted from the freshest seasonal fruits.

Under the expert guidance of our Bar Manager, Colin Tam, our team meticulously follows traditional Italian methods, infusing each batch with zest and freshness.

With flavours rotating monthly, from the sweet and ripe mango-cello to the invigorating citrus-cello, there’s surely a flavour you haven’t tried.  

Enjoy our Cello’s in multiple ways: as a sophisticated digestif following a meal in the Brasserie, mixed into a fizzy spritz for a leisurely afternoon with friends, or just neat in a perfectly chilled glass.  

Walk-ins are always welcome or book a seat at the bar by clicking the link below.